I’m abosulutely loving Banished. I’m around 21 hours in total, and I finally reached 150 pop. I always end up doing some crazy shit and die early on, but this time I managed to survive (even with the crazy stuff).

The lively
The Lively Marketplace (okay not so lively in this image :P)

Just one regret that I couldn’t name the town myself. I was in such a hurry to play the game (after trying to get “MegaMod” working for hours, and giving up on it) that I didn’t even check the game options, I just blindly started the game.

The calm and serene
The serene Countryside, sit back and relax

The mods I used:

  • Apiary/Mead
  • Dairy Milk and Creamery
  • Increased Resources combined
  • Little Chapel
  • More Terrain
  • Smaller vendor buildings
  • Specialized stockpiles
  • Stone Bridges
  • Storage Shed
  • Tighter roads
  • Tree growth and life
The mining
banished 150
150 population

I got bored at around 250 population. But it’s been a long time since I’ve had such quality fun with a game! 250/250 recommend!

Paying respect to our
Paying respect to our elders! RIP