After over 25 days of studying, my 6th sem exams finally came to an end.

I’m super excited. I had all these cool ideas during these days which I didn’t have time to do.

So here’s a rough note of some of the things I’ll be doing for a week or so.

  • Make a programming language. - Pretty simple right? :P
  • I already have a pretty sound grasp on the theoryof compilers. Now it’s time to implement one.
  • Might have to refresh on compiler concepts.
  • Make a personal photo hosting solution
  • I really need a way to upload images I use instantly.
  • May include screenshot+insta upload.
  • Should include access to api.
  • Possible authentication?
  • Secure possible authentication?
  • Make a personal analytics app
  • y u so complicated google analytics?
  • Follow through the SICP video lectures from MIT.
  • learn mi some functional :P