I’m trying out different ways to track tasks which I want to accomplish, like I stated in Expirements, which has lead to my first try on the matter.

It’s a rough outline of what I’m looking forward in the coming 2 weeks, i.e till the end of June.

  • Python: I find Python interesting. The minimal syntax and space indentations coupled with a very intuitive library makes me just want to learn Python for no other reason.
  • Learn the basics.
  • Complete the Interactive course from Rice University.
  • AutomateWithPython Book
  • Solve problems on competition/coding sites.
  • Learn to create scripts.
  • Look into PyGame?
  • C++: I’ve been coding in ‘C’ for far too long now. I’ve heard C++ is quite similar, so might as well deal with it now.
  • Read code and get comfortable.
  • Solve problems on competition/coding sites
  • Research about different libraries available.
  • Javascript:
  • Learn the absolute basics.
  • Watch ‘Crockford on Javascript’ videos.
  • Meditation:
  • Meditate with complete mindfulness for 2 minutes every day.
  • Light sitting with no distractions for 5 minutes every day.

I will update the post on 1st July with my thoughts and progress.