The shortness of life is a pain, isn’t it? Wish we could live a 1000 years. Hopefully our procrastination wouldn’t grow exponentially, or would it?

How would I describe myself? I’d say I am many things. But who do I want to be? What do I want to do? Isn’t  that more important?

  • Chef: I want to cook my own food.
  • Musician: I want to play good music.  I want to make my own music.
  • Philosopher: I want to think more, be more rational. I want to be wise.
  • Anthropologist: I want to understand who we are, and how we’ve survived.
  • Healthier: I want to give up artifical food and eat more  raw/natural stuff.
  • Reader: I want to read a ton of books. I want to gain knowledge and insight from others.
  • Farmer/Gardener: I want to grow my own food.
  • Mindful: Coz why not?
  • Ninja: Learn parkour, learn ninjutsu, learn martial arts, learn meditation, learn stealth and become a rogue ninja.